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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things that make me like the Artest trade *more*

I wake up this morning... only to be re-affirmed in my belief that the Artest to the Rockets trade is nothing short of brilliant, and likely to work out quite well.

How is that you ask? Simple.

A certain no-talent-ass-clown does NOT like the trade.

Which almost guarantees that the trade will turn out great for us!

A short recap... the person in question liked the following recent Houston-based team trades/acquisitions:

a. Ed Wade
b. Miguel Tejada
c. Jason Jennings
d. Ahman Green
e. and he probably liked the Philip Buchanon trade, too

and let us also not forget that Mr. Justice still laments the Mario Williams draft pick. His heart is not complete without a little VY in his life...

Apparently the Rockets aren't allowed to draft anyone but nice guys. Someone failed to tell Justice that very, very, very few "winning" teams in the NBA, MLB or NFL comprise a majority of "nice guys".

Michael Jordan - not a nice guy. Not at all.
Muhammad Ali - awesome dude. Just not very nice all the time.
most any HOF-caliber football player - not nice. Not at all.
(This is why David Carr sucks - he's too nice)

Is Ron Artest a "nice guy"? Hell no. I think even he'd admit that himself.
But... Tracy McGrady *is* kind of a nice guy.
And he's 0-7 in the first round of the playoffs.
Yao is a nice guy, too... and that's been the criticism of him for years.

Soooooo... which is it?

I like having likeable dudes on my favorite teams.

... but I like winning more.


Eric said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's just because he isn't a "nice guy". The guy is a wife beater. Animal cruelty to go along as well. It's not like he treats the media bad, or he doesn't sign autographs or something, or is just a jerk. He has serious issues.

That being said, Richard Justice has no room to talk about being in favor of trades for people with "good moral character", especially since he liked the Miguel Tejada trade. Yeah the steroid using guy who also lied about his age to get signed by a MLB team. It's not as bad as beating your wife and animal neglect, but he's no saint either. Justice is just an idiot.

From a basketball standpoint, it's a good trade. Is there risk? Yes. I really believe that Donte Green is going to be a very good player one day. I hate to see him go, but for Ron Artest I wouldn't hesitate. Plus, I don't think Aaron Brooks can hold the backup PG position very well. But DEFENSIVELY we are probably going to be the best in the league. Hell even offensively we got a big upgrade. I always trusted Morey to do good things this offseason and I can't wait to see what he pulls off next.

I hope Artest can get his act together though. His off the court issues can be a distraction for the team. I'm willing to give him a chance.

Jacob said...

I'm totally pumped for next season! We just got that crucial scoring piece in place for when one of our stars inevitably goes down (should we keep Ewing Jr for the same reason?). Not to mention I completely agree with you that he's gonna kick T-Mac in the ass when he tries to start pouting. T-Mac definitely won't sit back and let CP take the limelight like that.

As for the Artest "issues," he's a despicable human being if all the allegations are fully true, but professional sports are a BUSINESS, not a good samaritan convention.

This awesome deal should continue the trend of demonstrating InJustice's idiocy, though i wouldn't put it past him to invite Artest to a Pitbulls & Prostitutes party just to prove himself right.